Your accredited full-service calibration provider

MetriCal can meet all of your needs, from single gage calibration to a complete onsite turnkey package including gage recall, management software, data entry, collection of gages onsite and complete representation in all calibration audits.

We provide either of two methods for certification.

Total/Full Gage Calibration Management  Certificate of Accuracy/Calibration

Total/Full Gage Calibration Management

This includes:

  • On-site calibration
  • Recall Software
  • All Data Entry
  • Full Reports including 95% reliability
  • Full representation during any calibration audits
A complete printed, color long form

Certificate of Accuracy/Calibration

MetriCal is capable of providing Full-Form paper certificates in color for any single-gage calibration performed if that is all the customer requires.

We provide a complete long form Certificate of Accuracy, which is in color. This is used to clearly define any inaccuracies in the measured gage. If there is a fault, the findings will be represented in red.

MetriCal Laboratories continually strives to stay on the cutting edge of calibration technology. By updating our equipment and investing in state-of-the-art instruments, we are able to to decrease costs and turnaround time which results in savings for our customers.


LabMaster™ Linear Measurement System

LabMaster™ is designed to provide the ultimate in user-friendly operation while delivering calibration-quality accuracy of less than .000002″.  It provides extremely reliable linear dimension measurement, and a large, variable-attitude work table accommodates a growing family of fixtures to precisely hold your gages and parts.

DNS 680 Metroscope

This Metroscope provides us with high precision accuracy (.000008″) and unsurpassed speed in calibration of Thread Ring Gages, Thread Plug Gages, Ring Gages, Set Plug Gages, Indicators and much more.

Additional Equipment

  • Torque Testers
  • Pressure/Vacuum Calibration System
  • Surface Plate Auto-Collimator and Repeat-O-Meter
  • Force Compression and Tension Calibration System
  • Digital Load Cells

We’re the leading pioneer in calibration.

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